"Your book tells me that true love still exist and that gives me hope, thank you for sharing. I will be buying your book this week".​​
-Veronica Anderson-

“Just the thought of this book bring tears to my eyes, thank you for writing and sharing ."
-Margaret Thomas-

"I can sense the love from this book as it glows from the cover."
-Susan Miller-

"I must honestly say that I could not stop crying after reading this book, I hope some day someone will feel the same about me."
-Amanda Richardson-

"After reading this fanastic book, all I can say is I'm speechless. I hope you find this lucky woman and you both become very happy together."
-Jacklyn Davenport-

"This is a great work of love and poetry from one's heart."
-Monique Butler-

-"Writing this book must have taken great effort and time, especially to the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with. I hope and pray you find her and the love you seek. She is going to be a very lucky woman."
-Helen Scott- 

-"Your words are  so beautiful and loving, I honestly wish I was this woman. Good Luck."
-Abigail Price-