Dear Future Wife,
Every day I thank God for second chances, especially the one I will have with you. Nothing makes me happier than the prospect of our future together. It gives me hope knowing that in spite of our past we can look forward to a bright and productive life ahead. In the past I have given my all to others, but they never seem to appreciate what I had to offer and after all I have been through, this is why I look to you. You are a dream come true, but more than that, you are an answered prayer from God.

 I often wonder what life would be like being with you and I Imagine how exciting it will be when you and I will meet for the first time and discover that we were meant to be. I believe if we allow God to write this story and trust Him; that which seems impossible shall be made possible. I have come to the conclusion that searching for you my soul mate is like finding that perfect seashell along the shore, there are many beautiful ones to choose from, but there is only one God has selected for me.

There is so much I want out of life, mainly to please God with my service and to be happy and have a life with you. Therefore, I have created my own bucket list of things I want us to do together.  First of all, I hope you enjoying holding hands because I certainly do and I look for the day that I can hold and squeeze yours while we are walking. I want to introduce you to my family and friends, take you to Church, to dinner, to shows, on picnics, and for us to do some traveling to our own special hideaway, just the two of us. I want to open your doors, pull out your chairs, and have you walk beside me hand in hand as you lean your head on my shoulder. And there you will be at ease knowing that you are at the safest place in
the world.